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Build Win-Win professional relationships

Calculate design fees of professional design projects
The CalKulator is the design pricing guide that has been created for both design professionals and clients, wishing to establish a fair and lasting professional relationship (learn more). It contains the results of a unique international survey of 643 projects, of deadlines, of design fees in 12 disciplines and 85 domains of design, and compares national and international market in 45 countries of Europe, America and Asia, in 30 currencies.
For designers
The CalKulator helps you to price your creations and positioning within your market, it facilitates the calculation of copyrights
• Calculate on-line professional design fees.
 Adjust your hourly rate.
 Position or re-position your activity effectively.
 Calculate the right of use (copyright) of your design.
 Prepare your estimate.

For Companies and Public authorities
The CalKulator helps you to determine the value within the design market, it facilitates the calculation of copyrights
 Find the designer’s profile that will fit to your project.
 Estimate a realistic budget for quality project.
 Gain respect of intellectual property.
 Build a win-win professional relationship.
 Facilitate convincing and long-lasting results.
A price in 3 clicks
1. Choose a discipline of design. 2. Choose a project in design domains. 3. The CalKulator displays a billable deadline and the amount of fees, which you can personalize.
A single payment
Moneydesign guaranties you an access to the CalKulator for at least 2 years. Your subscription is profitable from your first estimate. Updates are free of charge.
Our Win-Win label
For designers and clients
This label identifies designers and clients who want to build a professional relationship based on fair and sustainable basis for a common quality development.
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Try out the CalKulator
The CalKulator displays design fees according to five profiles of professional designers (junior to seniors independents, small companies or specialists), the average difference between big and smaller cities, the hourly rates according to design disciplines (but the test page, which displays an average hourly rate). Please, choose a country, a currency and click 7 examples of projects.

Calculate copyright cost
Please choose a country, a currency and write down the price of a design work, then click on Calculate. Next page, please specify whether its use is exclusive or not, an area, a duration and a scope of use: the CalKulator displays a right of use cost.

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